Our experience in Civil Infrastructure projects range from road designs for Solar Farms to bridge abutment designs for road over rail crossings.

We have provided scoping studies and reviews, site investigations, foundation design, ground improvement review and verifications, expert witness advice and more to Civil Infrastructure projects across Australia and overseas. 

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Geotechnical investigations should be undertaken to confirm the ground conditions which means that we undertake investigations to target project specific issues. This pragmatic approach provides value for our clients and a more robust application of geotechnical engineering. We utilise a variety of investigations techniques including hand augers, test pits, permeability testing, electric cone penetrometer testing, and boreholes.

From our geotechnical investigations we provide facual and interpretive reports to present and findings and recommendations on the ground conditions.

We are frequently involved in providing onsite construction support for civil infrastructure projects. Typically we work with the Contractors throughout the construction phase, carrying out site inspections, earthworks verification and testing, recommending solutions for the onsite reuse of materials, and sign off on the completion of earthworks to a geotechnical standard. We undertake footing excavation inspections, cut slope inspections, provide supervision of method specification development, and provide solutions for unforeseen ground conditions.

The analysis, specification and verification of cost-effective and technically efficient foundation solutions requires a detailed understanding of the subsurface soil, rock and groundwater conditions and knowledge of soil mechanics and engineering geology principles. Our expertise can help you to optimise the foundation solutions for your project and the site-specific conditions. We can provide foundation and piling recommendations and design input for all stages of your project and for all foundation types supporting houses, apartments, office-blocks, commercial buildings, machine bases, conveyors, wharves, jetties and ports, and bridges.

GGC seeks to reduce geotechnical risk, design conservatism and construction costs by providing realistic and pragmatic options for our clients. GGC has a team of geotechnical engineers and engineering geologist experienced in assisting clients during the tender design process, or for design and construct projects. Our team review all available geotechnical reports, specifications, drawings, loading data etc, and create geotechnical models for the project to identify project risks and opportunities.

The breadth of our services through the tender design phase include quarry assessments, borrow material assessments, cut slope design and earthworks materials through to retaining wall design, ground improvement design and foundation design

One of the key ways to manage geotechnical risks is through ground improvement regimes.  We identify, design, and verify a broad range of ground improvement techniques to develop an efficient methodology to remediate a site.  

We undertake ground retention design and verification works for a variety of retaining systems including: ground anchors, soil nails, cantilever walls, anchored (or propped) walls, diaphragm walls and gravity retaining walls. GGC personnel have also delivered grout block retention systems and combi-pile walls to suit a variety of infrastructure projects.

GGC uses our experience to develop a geological model and identify the likely slope stability mechanism. We have the technical capability to undertake numerical analysis to assess the likely Factors of Safety against instability as well as identifying appropriate risk mitigation issues to address the appropriate mechanism. Our team also have the skillset to undertake the specification, construction support and verification of the slope protection system.



Civil Infrastructure


Civil Infrastructure

Geotechnical and geological consultants pty ltd operates a formal integrated management system that outlines our approach to quality assurance, health and safety and environment management. Our policy statements for quality, health and safety and environmental management can be provided on request